Gawaing Bahay

The stories are simple yet profound that those who are reading the book will not get bored and lose interest.  The narratives and the questions are designed to make them think seriously about their lives and situations, and very importantly, about their relationships with God and with their fellow human beings.

Gawaing Bahay or Household Chores are available in four translations:

•  Tagalog or Filipino
•  English
•  Hiligaynon
•  Cebuano

Gawaing Bahay is the first book under the LIFE series book and training program. LIFE series books are training materials on Christian education, evangelism, character building, discipleship and leadership.

The objective of the LIFE Series is to meet the following needs:

1) To equip the leadership and staff in knowing Christ and making Him known and create a movement of micro-enterprise development (MED) practitioners and clients committed to building sustainable communities. Specifically, to train the development practitioners and members on how to lead and manage group discussions and conduct meetings using the LIFE Series training materials.

2) To equip the leadership and staff to share the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ with members, and enable the latter to live and conduct business according to good moral values and principles.

3) To equip the micro-entrepreneurs, in turn, to also share the saving knowledge of Christ with their families, their children and communities so that, as they experience the saving grace of God, they will all apply the good moral values and principles in the way they handle their work, relationships and resources, help one another grow in their knowledge and personal walk with the Lord, and enable others to do the same from one batch of learners to another.

The other LIFE Series books are as follows:

Book 2 - Pasok na sa Kaharian

The training materials reinforce the gospel message to the members and encourage them to follow the good moral values and right conduct towards their family members, neighbors and the government. The style of writing the second book is the same style as in book 1 which is the Household Chores.

Book 3 - "Pamilyang OK"

A family is the basic unit of the society. Adults learn moral values from their parents and siblings. and while they were growing up.  If majority of the families are dysfunctional, it is more likely that the future of any community or society where those families live would be bleak. A good and strong nation depends on strong and well-functioning Filipino families, thus this book. The book puts forward basic principles and values that promotes and upholds the importance of a family. It also describes elements on how to strengthen the love relationship within a family. Some of the principles being espoused in the book are love, respect and submission of children to their parents, respect and love of parents to their children, integrity, honesty, discipline, industry and responsibility towards others and the rest of creation.

"He who is kind to the poor lends to the LORD, and HE will reward him for what he has done."

Proverbs 19:17